Research Study Grants

Awards are to support curatorial research and methodologies that address one or more of the Society of Mineral Museum Professionals (SMMP) mission statement goals: 1) foster recognition of mineral science collections as essential scientific, educational and cultural resources, 2) promote support for growth, maintenance and use of collections and exhibits and, 3) advance museum practice through cooperation in the development, review and dissemination of information. Amounts vary up to a maximum of $1000 per grant. Grant awards determined by SMMP Board of Directors. Grant applications are available on request.


    1. Society of Mineral Museum Professionals grants are awarded to museum curators or staff who are members of the SMMP or under the guidance of an SMMP member. Proposals from sponsored students are considered along with those from professional curators.
    2. A final report providing results of the project and including an accounting of grant funding expenditures is required. Portions of the report deemed to be of general interest to SMMP members may be published in the SMMP Newsletter.
    3. Funds are intended for equipment, staffing, travel and/or supplies to accomplish the tasks defined by the proposal. Money will not be provided for specimen acquisition.
    4. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the amount to be allocated to grants during that year will be decided by the Board of Directors. The number of grants awarded during that year will be limited by the funds allocated.
    5. The funds available for grants will be decided annually, based on the recommendation of the Treasurer. Individual grant amounts are limited to a maximum of $1,000 per grant.
    6. The Board of Directors will evaluate the proposals and determine the amount to be awarded to each successful proposal.
    7. The grant funding cycle begins in February after the Tucson meeting. Applications can be made anytime within the fiscal year. Grant proposals are due by August 1st with a October 1 funding decision.
    8. Projects should be completed within a year of grant award. Projects can be extended an additional year, without additional funding, by notifying the Board of Directors and providing a budget report.


    Text Format of Proposals

    1. Summary of the proposed work (1 paragraph 200 words maximum)
    2. Problem/purpose of study
    3. Scope of study
    4. Previous studies
    5. Plan of study
    6. Methods of study
    7. Potential publications or presentations at professional meetings
    8. Itemized budget; items should be clearly identified and described in the text;
    9. List of references cited in the proposal

    Reference Letters (at least 2 required)

    1. If a student or intern, at least one letter of reference must be from the students advisor, stating the intent to supervise the project.
    2. At least one letter of reference must be from a current member of the SMMP.
    3. Letters should describe the significance of the proposed research.
    4. Letters should comment on the adequacy of the purpose and scope of the study, of the plan of study, and of the methods of study with respect to the mission of the SMMP.


    Proposals are to be evaluated and independently ranked by each member of the SMMP Board of Directors. Each member of the board is free to use their own judgment in evaluating proposals beyond the general guidelines given above. Any board member that provides a letter of reference is ineligible to evaluate that proposal. The board will strongly consider well thought-out proposals and innovative proposals not apt to receive conventional support. Proposal writers should consider the following:

    1. Is the scope of proposed work compatible with the time frame proposed?
    2. Does the proposal tie-in to ongoing work of curatorial significance?
    3. Does the proposal have the potential for making a contribution in one or more of the SMMP mission statements?
    4. A bibliography of the applicants publications.
    5. A list of potential publications or papers presented at professional meetings.
    6. Applicants participation and contributions to the SMMP and curation community.

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