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Minutes of the Board Meeting on February 9, 1995 at Tucson, Arizona

Board members present: George Harlow, Dave Thayer, Carl Francis, Jeff Post, Susan Eriksson, Tony Kampf, Joe Nagel, Jean DeMouthe, Pat Gray, Jim Hurlbut

General members present: Anna Domitrovic

Board members absent: none

The meeting was called to order at 8:38 am by George Harlow, President.

The meeting began with a discussion of meeting timing, since a number of people had complained about its being held on the first morning of the show. It was tentatively decided that the meeting time will be formalized to the morning of the second day of the show (usually Friday). Harlow reported that some foreign members are having trouble paying their dues in US currency. He suggested a European representative who would accept money into an account and then transfer it once in a while to the treasurer in the US. He offered to work on finding someone to take over this task. This was met with general approval, although no vote was taken. Harlow said that more foreign members are interested in SMMP, and we should make an effort to serve them as well as the domestic members, with resources and better communication.

It was generally agreed that the newsletter needs to become more useful and informative, and that it should be published four time a year. Nagel said he may be able to put the newsletter into email, using his file server. This would probably cost SMMP $200 to $300 per year. Maintenance of the list (time) would not be trivial, and will have to be done on University time. Thayer pointed out that, since we have lost the income from the Carnegie award, we are running on a slight deficit, and the computer list-server would be a drain on SMMP finances. Harlow stated that there may be other possible sources of funding for SMMP, including corporate sponsors. Nagel said he would be prepared to present a clear and detailed proposal at the Denver meeting, and Erickason said she would be willing to help. It was moved and seconded that the Board authorize Nagel to spend up to $350.00 to investigate and start up the email link. The vote was unanimous in favor.

Harlow encouraged all Board Members to gain access to email to facilitate communication. Thayer, the only member not having easy access to email, was authorized to spend no more than $100.00 to get an online link. This motion was seconded and passed.

Francis reported that Gerhard Niedermayr has translated the IMA abstract into German and has published it in Europe. Dr. N is interested in translating materials for SMMP into German.

Gray reported that there are many nonpayers among the membership. Thayer and DeMouthe agreed to work on this problem.

The membership list will be transferred to DeMouthe, for eventual transfer to the treasurer, once Thayer has acquired sufficient computer hardware to manage the database.

Eriksson introduced a discussion of an information panel about SMMP that could be circulated to various public and professional shows, and the possibility of SMMP producing educational leaflets. She said that the design should be done professionally, in a tabletop style. Singlepage educational leaflets on a variety of subjects of interest to collectors could be provided for the public as well. It was moved that she be authorized to spend $150.00 to develop this concept. It was seconded and approved unanimously. Eriksson will make a presentation to the Board on this subject at the Denver meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 am.

Minutes of the General Business Meeting on February 9, 1995 at Tucson, Arizona

The meeting was called to order at 9:36 am by George Harlow president.

Harlow discussed the timing of the meeting, and said that it would be moved from now on to the second day of the show (Friday morning).

Members and Guests were introduced.

Harlow reported on the board meeting, the basic subjects being:

  • improvements in communication with each other & the public
  • internet listserver development & Board member connections
  • membership and dues: Thayer and DeMouthe made statements regarding payment procedures for European and other foreign members
  • Eriksson's informational panel/leaflet project

Harlow thanked Pat Gray for her fine work as the membership committee chair for a number of years. He reported that the maintenance of the list has been transferred to DeMouthe temporarily, and will eventually fall within the duties of the treasurer.

Harlow reported that SMMP is no longer associated with the Carnegie Award. The Carnegie Institute had thanked SMMP for its contributions over the years, but has elected to take charge of the Award themselves.

Harlow reported on the IMA meeting in Pisa, Italy, in which a number of members participated. The SMMP had a poster session there, which was written by DeMouthe, Francis & Harlow. Membership applications were put out and a reception was held for IMA members, both of which were well received. Gerhard Niedermayer has translated the IMA abstract into German.

Francis reported that he is now chairman of the IMA museum commission. He described the IMA and its goals. The Directory of Museums is now available, published by the Mineralogical Record.

Representatives to the Museum Commission are Bob Gait (Canada) and Tony Kampf (US). Francis asked the SMMP members to suggest new projects for the Commission; possibly bibliographies or sponsorship of symposia at IMA meetings.

Kampf reported on the status of the Directory of Mineral Museums, thanking all who had participated. He asked for anyone having type specimens to contact him.

Thayer presented the treasurer's report (attached).

Metropolis reported on stolen specimens. Carleton College, Northfield, MN had a theft of 133 minerals and 522 fossils in 9/94, valued at over $50,000.00. The University of British Columbia Geological Museum reported a theft of four large gem crystals valued at about S10, 000 in 11/94.

Andrew Sicree initiated discussion of specimen documentation. There was general agreement that most geoscience collections are poorly documented, and that SMMP can help to educate the public. It was suggested that SMMP encourage journals and the NSF to push for the placement and documentation of poorlymaintained collections.

Election of Board members: retiring members = Kampf, Gray, Hurlbut. Newly elected members = Kampf, Hurlbut, Belakovskii.

Francis discussed possible programs and ways to reach the public. It was suggested the SMMP meetings and programs be open to the public. Post suggested that SMMP host one session for professionals and one for the public at Tucson and Denver. DeMouthe suggested that SMMP request the Tucson and Denver show committees for a designated lecture slot that would be filled by an SMMP member speaking on a collectionrelated topic.

Andrew Sicree moved that the SMMP Education Committee run a program for the public at major mineral shows. This was seconded and passed by a large margin. Erickason then asked for volunteers for the Education Committee.

Francis brought up the possibility of SMMP events at international meetings such as the GSA and MSA. He offered to ask the 1995 GSA program chair, and DeMouthe agreed to approach the AGU regarding their fall meeting in San Francisco.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 am.

Minutes of the Board Meeting reconvened on February 9, 1995 at Tucson, Arizona

Following the general meeting, the board met again, including the newly elected members, to elect officers. The results are as follows:

  • President: George Harlow
  • Secretary: Jean DeMouthe
  • VicePres: Carl Francis
  • Treasurer: Dave Thayer

Current board members, and the years they were elected are as follows:

  • 1995: Tony Kampf, Jim Hurlbut, Dimitri Belakovskii
  • 1994: Jeff Post, Ferdinand Damaschun, Dave Thayer
  • 1993: Jean DeMouthe, George Harlow, Carl Francis

SYMPOSIUM: Care of Gemstone Collections: a panel discussion from 11:00 to 11:45.

Participants: Bill Metropolis, Harvard University, George Harlow, American Museum of Natural History, Henri Jean Schubnel, Natural History Museum of Paris, Russell Feather, U. S. National Museum, Dorothy Ettensohn, Los Angeles Co. Museum of Natural History, Susan Eriksson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Mary Johnson, Gemological Institute of America.

Following the symposium, lunch was served in a delightful outdoor setting, catered by one of the new restaurants at the Desert Museum.

Treasurer's Report submitted at Feb. 9 meeting

Balance July 1, 1994


Income Dues






Ending Balance Dec. 31, 1994


Funds Distribution:




Beginning Balances











Ending Balances




Membership Statistics

85 members in 14 countries

  • United States 58
  • Canada 8
  • Russia 4
  • Czech Republic 3
  • France 2
  • Brazil 2
  • Scotland, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Mexico, Germany, Austria 1 each

In the U.S. by states:

  • Arizona 3
  • California 10
  • Colorado 5
  • Connecticut 2
  • District of Columbia 2
  • Florida 1
  • Illinois 2
  • Louisiana 1
  • Massachusetts 2
  • Michigan 4
  • Montana 2
  • Nevada 2
  • New Jersey 2
  • New Mexico 2
  • New York 2
  • No. Carolina 1
  • Ohio 5
  • Pennsylvania 5
  • So. Carolina 1
  • So. Dakota 1
  • Texas 1
  • Virginia 2

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