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9 February 2012
Tucson, Arizona


Board members present:  Virgil Lueth, Anna Domitrovic, Jean DeMouthe, Terry Ottaway, Tony Kampf, Katherine Dunnell, Julian Gray

3:28 pm called to order by President V. Lueth.

VL went over the agenda for the general meeting. This includes the budget report & committee reports (the usual stuff). He said he'll be reintroducing the traditional around-the-room introductions at the big meeting, since there are many new people.

Collections committee will discuss the NY State collection (still going) and the California State Mining & Mineral Museum in California.

JD (education comm.) will discuss Denver show & copper-related case possibilities (pesudomorphs, unusual localities, oddities).

Peter Davidson will report on SMMP in Europe.

Research grant proposal in hand from ROM on vivianite deterioration; VL will send to board members for comments and approval.

A motion was made that, if the proposal is accepted, the money would be sent prior to the usual August deadline. This was seconded and approved unanimously.

Stolen specimens: Santa Barbara specimens never recovered.

TK suggested that a representative of SMMP Europe be present at board meetings.

SMMP will probably sponsor an event at MM7 in Dresden in August.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm



Meeting called to order at 4:01 pm by President Lueth.
Lueth welcomed members and guests, and asked everyone present to sign the attendance log being circulated during the meeting. Individuals introduced themselves around the room.
VL called for a vote on the Denver minutes, which was moved, seconded, and unanimously approved without corrections.
Domitrovic gave the treasurer's report. As of 1 February, there was $4,152.92 in the brokerage account. Exact totals for the business accounts (checking & savings) were not available, but she estimated they are at about $1,900 each.
AD reported that there are 182 members, only 35 of whom are current with their dues through 2012 or after. She encouraged members to pay their dues. It was suggested that unpaid members get a note to remind them.
Collection/Curator committee: The NY State Museum is still in business. No one had responded to the SMMP letter to California State Parks regarding the California state collection (California State Mining & Mineral Museum in Mariposa).
Education Committee: DeMouthe said that the case here in Tucson is Arizona type localities, and asked for ideas for the Denver show case.
Web committee: Kampf reported that the Santa Barbara Museum theft is still unresolved, and he urged people to use the listserver to report stolen specimens or any other relevant announcements.  TK reminded people to check their "junk" folders once in awhile, since sometimes SMMP notices end up there.
George Harlow stated that he has been using the listserver to spread requests from colleagues outside of SMMP and he asked that people responding to those notes send their answers to the people who were asking in the first place, and not to GH.
Peter Davidson reported that there are still problems with the transfer of funds between the US & Europe. He said that PayPal makes it easy. He briefly reported on the Munich show in 2011, and reminded people of the MM7 coming up in Dresden.
PD also requested that SMMP establish a Facebook page, which would offer another forum for discussion and communication. He reported that Jolyon Ralph (Mindat) has offered to set up a forum for SMMP on his website.
Lueth reported that the Denver show committee was responsive to our issues, and changes will be made in schedule and procedures at the Denver show in 2012.
He also reported that the $1,000 SMMP grant may be awarded this year, as there is a strong candidate.
It was moved that SMMP sponsor an event at MM7 in Dresden. The motion was seconded, there was no discussion, all votes were in favor, no against, no abstentions.
Peter Davidson reported that the IMA commission on museums will be electing a new head. George Harlow is the US representative on that committee, and anyone wanting more information can contact him.
Renate Schumacher reported on the planning for the Dresden meeting coming up in August 2012, and urged members to attend and submit papers, abstracts being due on 3/15.
The election for three board members was held. There were four nominations, and elected were Virgil Lueth, Anna Domitrovic, and Alan Hart. Following the meeting, officers were chosen from among the board. Board terms are from February to February, with elections always held at the Tucson meeting. Board members' terms are for three years.

Virgil Lueth President 2012 - 2015
Katherine Dunnell Vice President 2011 - 2014
Anna Domitrovic Treasurer 2012 - 2015
Jean DeMouthe Secretary 2010 - 2013
Julian Gray board member 2011 - 2014
Alan Hart board member 2012 - 2015
Tony Kampf board member, webmaster 2010 - 2013
Terry Ottoway board member 2011 - 2014
Penny Williamson board member 2010 - 2013

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.


The general annual meeting was followed by program titled "What Will Happen to Your Collection?" in which a series of expert speakers addressed topics related to the disposition of personal mineral collections:
Ian Bruce: Why you might sell
Jeff Post: Why you might donate
Julian Gray: How you might donate
Jeff Post: What happens to your collection once donated to a large museum
Virgil Lueth: What happens to your collection once donated  to a small museum
Penny Williamson: Giving it away
Mary Johnson: Why you should NOT do nothing - even just writing down a plan of action

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