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16 September 2011
Denver, Colorado


Board members present: Virgil Lueth, Jean DeMouthe, Penny Williamson, Jamie Neuman, Julian Gray, Anna Domitrovic

The meeting was called to order a 1:39 pm by president Virgil Lueth. He went through the planned agenda for the general meeting and opened a discussion on the Tucson show and the SMMP program.

DeMouthe said that the Tucson case in 2012 should be in keeping with the show theme of "Arizona Minerals." Suggestions were made for subjects, including rare minerals of Arizona and Arizona type localities. She suggested that the "mystery" case be dropped due to lack of SMMP participation and little public interest.

VL said he would write to the Denver show committee about how some museums were not coming to their show due to lack of monetary support.

"Meet and greet the curators" was discussed; most people were not pleased with how it went. The board asked VL to ask the committee to schedule a series of short curator lectures instead for next year.

Williamson said that the Russian museums did not get the show paperwork soon enough to allow them to get funding to attend. VL said he would add that to his letter.

Domitrovic will present the treasurer's report and updated roster at the main meeting.

There are new jobs posted for mineralogists at both LACM and Phoenix.

DeMouthe asked if anybody knew when the SMMP (then MMAC) began. No answer.

Possible programs for Tucson include Fran Allegra to speak on tax implications of donations, evaluating minerals for donation. Neuman suggested databasing, with Mindat involvement.

VL closed the meeting at 2:02 pm. 


The meeting was called to order by president Virgil Lueth at 2:06 pm. Introductions were not made, but people were encouraged to sign in.  

The minutes from the previous meeting in Tucson were read and approved unanimously.

Domitrovic gave the treasurer's report.  Combined checking, CD and savings accounts total $8,262.30. She urged people to look at the membership list online to see if they have paid their dues. The membership list will be culled before Tucson, and people not paying dues will be dropped.    

Collections Committee: Lueth announced that letters will be sent to the administrators of two collections in jeopardy, the California State Collection and the New York State Collection. The Calif. State curator reported that the collection is scheduled to be boxed and put in a warehouse in Sacramento, since the State does not own the property where it is currently displayed. The fate of the colln is undetermined.

Jolyon Ralph said he would support this effort with an article on MinDat.

DeMouthe asked for ideas for the SMMP display in Tucson, and presented those discussed at the board meeting. Reported that there would be no more "mystery" case.

Lueth urged members to submit proposals for the SMMP collections grant, which can provide up to $1,000 annually for collection-based projects. There have been no submissions for the SMMP grant this year.

He also mentioned the best practices series of articles, and asked for submissions or topic ideas. There is a template on the web site.

Williamson opened a discussion of possible topics for the Tucson program. Gray suggested valuing specimens and tax implications. Post suggested a speaker on that topic who had lecturer in Dallas, and has articles in the MR. Williamson pointed out that a discussion of American tax laws is of no interest to international members. She proposed instead another interactive or demonstration program, similar to last year's. She said she would be open for suggestions until October, when a decision would have to be made in order to get into the Tucson program.

Lueth reported that he will write to the Denver show committee regarding the reductions in monetary support for museums, scheduling of "meet the curator,", and the timing of show notifications, particularly for international members.

A discussion followed regarding the "meet the curators" activity at the Denver show. It was suggested by several people that the activity be condensed and limited to one or two hours during the show when all curators would be present at their cases. And there should be more and better advertising, if they intend to continue this activity.

Jim Hurlbut reported that school children coming to the Denver show are often bused in from around the area, which is often paid for by local mining companies.

Lueth suggested using the SMMP listserver for quicker and better communication regarding show dates and other time-sensitive information.

Bruce Geller said that the show committee had changed to Marty Zinn's shipping agency, since many people had problems in the past, and communication had been poor.

 Terry Huizing asked for help at the Saturday night auction.

Sara Timms spoke about her database program and offered a demonstration to interested members following the meeting.

Lueth asked for input regarding the possibility of an SMMP meeting or reception at the MM7 meeting in Dresden, august 2012. Membership agreed this would be a good idea (no vote taken).

Peter Davidson said that the SMMP Europe section would be hosting an event at the Munich show on 10/28 in the late afternoon. They still need a better way to transfer money; PayPal works if we can get it going from our end.

The Rice Museum reported that they had a short list of 3 curator candidates, all of whom found out about the job through the SMMP website.

Davidson said that there ought to be a forum on collections, sponsored by SMMP, on the MinDat website.

Williamson asked who are the collection and museum representatives on the IMA, and how are they chosen. Post said that the IMA is not transparent in their procedures, and U.S. representatives are appointed through the Min. Society of America.

The meeting adjourned at 2:54 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
J.DeMouthe, SMMP secretary

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