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17 September 2010
Denver, Colorado


Board members present: A. Domitrovic, B. Geller, A. Kampf, V. Lueth, J. Newman, P. Williamson

President Lueth called the meeting to order at 1:35 PM, followed by a review of the agenda items for the general meeting.

A grant proposal from the Desert Museum in Tucson was submitted and will be reconsidered after advising the Museum of some revisions for clarification.

Williamson's best practices submission will be moved from a draft to a final phase. E. Raines has asked to consider a submission, "Scientific Instrument, Tool, Antique, Artifact, Photograph and Document Collections Management Policy," through the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum, for review by the Society. It was suggested that he revise his work and submit it as a "best practices" draft for the SMMP website.

President Lueth asked for comments on A. Hart's email to the membership. He will ask the same of members at the general meeting.

A. Kampf will summarize the M&M meeting he attended in Budapest, where he was invited to give the keynote address.

P. Williamson will arrange for the program at the Tucson meeting in February, 2011. Suggestions included "What we (museums) can do for you and what you can do for us," and misunderstood minerals, which was also suggested for the SMMP's exhibit case.

Final discussion involved curatorial/museum participation in exhibition at the Denver Show.

The Board meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
A. Domitrovic for J. DeMouthe


President Lueth called the meeting to order at 2:06 PM and invited those present to introduce themselves and state their affiliations. Twenty-one were in attendance. Minutes from the Tucson meeting in February were approved as published on the SMMP website.

Treasurer Domitrovic reported Wells Fargo account balances. The SMMP account was revised into a business account, which opened a business savings, in addition to the money market savings account. The change eliminated our monthly bank fees. It was decided that the membership roster would be purged of those whose dues are delinquent for three or more years. President Lueth will send an email to that effect.

The theme for the Tucson Show 2011 is California minerals. It was decided that the SMMP case should be "misunderstood" minerals, with asbestos given as an example. Other suggestions are, of course, always welcome. Topics for the program included "What we (museums) can do for you and what you can do for us", asbestos or misunderstood minerals, and early history of the California gold rush. Other suggestions are welcome. Contact P. Williamson. Williamson will also contact the publicity chair for the TGMS Show to advertise SMMP activities during the Show.

A. Kampf summarized the M&M6 meeting in Budapest where he was invited to give the keynote address which included mineral enhancement and falsifying scientific data. The SMMP sponsored a social during the meeting, as well as compensated Kampf, in part, for his expenses. M&M7 will be held in Dresden in 2012. It was also reported that SMMP Europe and the Commission on Minerals will hold a joint meeting at the fall 2010 Munich Show.

The Desert Museum in Tucson submitted a grant proposal to defray costs of holding the Arizona Mineral Symposium at the Museum, March, 2011. The Mining & Mineral Museum in Phoenix, where the symposium is generally held, is being revamped in preparation for Arizona's centennial year in 2012. It was advised that the grant proposal be revised and resubmitted for consideration. The Mineral Museum at Tucson's University of Arizona has reopened seven days a week. The Mining & Mineral Museum in Phoenix is in flux.

The next "best practices" suggestion arose from a topic submitted by E. Raines, collection management policy for non-species collections - artifacts, antiques, documents, etc.

President Lueth encouraged members to carefully read A. Hart's email from the SMMP server and respond individually, copying P. Davidson. Davidson and Lueth will decide how SMMP factors in and respond accordingly on behalf of the Society.

Discussion ensued on curatorial/museum involvement in the Denver Show, and if and how improvements in communication could be made.

Treasurer Domitrovic was available for dues payments at the close of the meeting, which adjourned but remained open for an informal discussion and demonstration of newly developed ultraviolet lighting systems through Way Too Cool UV Lights.

Respectfully submitted,
A. Domitrovic for J. DeMouthe

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