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12 February 2010
Tucson, Arizona


board members present:  Virgil Lueth, Anna Domitrovic, Penny Williamson, Jamie Newman, Jeffrey Post, Bruce Geller, Jean DeMouthe, Terry Ottaway, Tony Kampf           

2:09 pm called to order by president V. Lueth

Lueth went over the agenda for the general meeting.

Domitrovic presented the 12-month budget report.  One of the SMMP accounts has been changed to a business savings account in order to save on fees and accrue more interest.

Kampf reviewed the current job list and other changes on the web site

Williamson suggested that we post the name of whoever got one of the jobs posted on the SMMP web site.

Lueth discussed the SMMP attendance survey that had been sent to members

DeMouthe said that the theme in Denver will be the Creede mining district and asked for suggestions about the SMMP case.

Lueth reviewed the progress on the best practices document project.  The only one known to be in the works is deaccessions by Mary Johnson.  No one has (again) applied for the SMMP collection grant.

The election:  terms are ending for Post, Kampf and DeMouthe.

Kampf suggested that SMMP host a reception at the Int. Mineralogical Assoc meeting in Budapest in August 2010, at an approximate cost of $500.

DeMouthe brought up the issue of having a 2-day set up period for the Tucson show; discussion followed.  Most thought it a good idea.

Meeting adjourned at 2:25 pm.


Meeting called to order at 3:12 pm by president Lueth.

Lueth welcomed members and guests, made introductions of the Board.  Introductions were made around the room.  He called for a vote on the Denver minutes, which was moved, seconded, and unanimously approved without corrections.

There were thirty-three (33) people present, representing twenty-four (24) different institutions in eight countries.

Domitrovic gave the treasurer's report.  The long-term accounts are still not increasing as they had been, since interest rates are consistently very low.  AD asked for dues, and presented a printed membership list for people to check for errors.  She also reported on the number of people paid (see board minutes).  Dues can now be paid using PayPal, and there is a link on the SMMP web site for this service.  You do not have to be a member of PayPal to make a payment. The treasurer's report was unanimously approved.

Lueth reporting for the Collections Committee asked if anyone knew of collections or museum positions that are in danger of being eliminated.  No suggestions were made.

Kampf reviewed the current state of the list server, the stolen specimen hotline, and email changes related to the web site.

Lueth discussed the museum attendance survey, for which he had five responses at that time.  The final report should be in the Denver 2010 newsletter.

DeMouthe reminded the group that SMMP had two exhibits in the show, one on "unknown specimens" and one on "unexpected gemstones."  Both cases were very well-received by the public and show committee.  It was suggested that the "unknowns" case be a regular feature.  The SMMP case for Denver might be a selection of Creede specimens.

Lueth reviewed the best practices project, and said that a draft of Mary Johnson's deaccession document will be available on the web site.

Renata Schumacher reported that SMMP Europe met at the Munich show, and the program consisted of brief informational presentations by the members present.

Lueth told the group about the upcoming IMA meeting in Budapest, and asked for discussion of the proposed reception sponsored by SMMP.  Renata S. said she would coordinate this event.   A motion was made to provide $500 for this, it was seconded and approved unanimously.

Lueth asked for a discussion of the new 2-day set up at Tucson.  Muntyan said that the show committee was able to arrange this 2-day set up because the AGTA show moved out of the convention center a day early.  Geller said he preferred it on Wednesday.  Harlow suggested set-up be spread out on Tuesday with Wednesday with more flexibility as to arrival times.  Lueth said he would talk to Pete Megaw about SMMP concerns.

Harlow stated that there will be an official statement on collections from the Mineralogical Society of America.  This document exists and is currently going through approvals within that society.  It will be a strong endorsement of mineral collections in institutions.

Post asked if there is a way to have social interaction amount the SMMP membership at Tucson and Denver.  Lueth suggested a ½ hour social time before the board and general meetings; said he would look into it.  Williamson suggested possibly rescheduling the meetings to accommodate this.

Lueth reported that the SMMP grant is available; no one responded.

Gail Spann asked if there was a way the public could meet curators at these meetings.  Geller said that Denver will do their meet-the-curator event again.  Williamson asked that there be better communication prior to the show regarding timing and what is expected of SMMP members.

Geller reported that the new special exhibits chair for the Denver show will be Martin Hannu.

Election:  Nominated were Katherine Dunnell, Jean DeMouthe (outgoing board member), Mike Ramsey, Tony Kampf (outgoing board member), and Jeff  Post (outgoing board member).  Elected were Dunnell, DeMouthe and Kampf.

A general election was held, and the elected board members chose this year's officers (see below).  Board terms are from February to February, with elections always held at the Tucson meeting.  Board members' terms are for three years.

Virgil Lueth president 2009 – 2012
Penny Williamson vice president 2008 âÃÃââÃÂÂÃââ