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12 September - Denver, Colorado

Board Meeting

Board members present: Anna Domitrovic, Virgil Lueth, Jean DeMouthe, Jeff Post, Penny Williamson, Jamie Newman, Bruce Geller

The meeting was called to order a 1:35 pm by President Virgil Lueth. He went through the planned agenda for the general meeting and opened a discussion on the Tucson show and the SMMP program.

Domitrovic summarized the treasurer's report.

DeMouthe said that the Tucson case in 2009 should be in keeping with the show theme of "mineral oddities." Suggestions were made for subjects, including parallel growth, inclusions, phantoms, and twins.

Possible lectures for the Tucson program were discussed, including collection goals & motivation (private, university, museum, private museums).

Lueth reported that Earl Verbeek has volunteered to work on a best practices document for radioactive specimens. Several people remarked that we already have a statement about this on the web site (note: there are actually 2 documents, one by Marc Wilson and one by Ginny Mast).

It was suggested that the next best practices document be devoted to locality information, and the standardization of information and database fields.

Domitrovic inquired about the results of last year's grant award; we should ask for a report.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.


General Meeting

The meeting was called to order by president Virgil Lueth at 2:04 pm. Introductions followed. There were 31 people present, representing 22 institutions, from 9 different countries.

The minutes from the previous meeting in Tucson were read and approved unanimously.

Anna Domitrovic gave the treasurer's report and reminded members about their dues and the web site. There is currently $1,196.48 in the checking account, and $6,799.50 in the money market savings account. The M&M6 reception hosted by SMMP cost $1,700.

George Harlow asked about projected income and outgo. Domitrovic said that the drains on our accounts are things like the MM6 reception, dues for several organisms with which we are affiliated, and the occasional grants.

Domitrovic reported that there are 150 names in the directory, only 61 of which are current with their dues. She encouraged people to check the online roster for its accuracy and to see if they owe dues. Harlow suggested it might be a good idea to contact those (former) members who are behind in their dues.

Kampf commented that previous problems with dues paying, particularly from non-US members, should have been mitigated by the establishment of the SMMP PayPal account. He suggested that perhaps a lot of members are not aware that they can pay this way.

Collection/Curatorial Committee: Nothing to report; asked for input and got no response.

Education Committee: Tucson theme is "mineral oddities", asked for suggestions on the SMMP case. Nobody spoke up. The Tucson meeting will be on Friday afternoon, 13 February, in one of the big rooms at the Tucson Convention Center.

Jamie Newman suggested that the Tucson program be on a discussion of what motivates collectors, how they set their priorities, and how this affects museum collections. A panel was suggested, to contain one each: private collector, mineral dealer, museum (maybe several curators from different types or sizes of museums).

Lueth reported that there are now two best practices documents posted on the web site. He asked for volunteers to produce more simple publications like these, about one page in size. Mary Johnson suggested one on deaccession, but Harlow pointed out that the institutional collection policy documents, which include this subject, are already posted on the web.

Earl Verbeek stated his concern regarding the lack of uniformity in specimen locality information and suggested that SMMP might establish a set of standards. Lueth asked for volunteers who wanted to work on this project to contact him (Lueth).

Kampf encouraged members to use the list server to communicate with questions or comments for other SMMP members. It is not open to the public and so cannot be polluted by advertisements or solicitations.

DeMouthe displayed a copy of the journal Collection Forum and suggested it as a venue for publishing collection-related papers.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:34 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
J. DeMouthe, SMMP secretary

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