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14 September - Denver, Colorado

Board Meeting

Board members present: Anna Domitrovic, Virgil Lueth, Jean DeMouthe, Terry Huizing, Jeff Post, Penny Williamson, Jamie Neuman, Tony Kampf

The meeting was called to order a 1:37 pm by president Virgil Lueth. He went through the planned agenda for the general meeting and opened a discussion on the Tucson show and the SMMP program. 

Domitrovic summarized the treasurer's report, and discussed deposit insurance. She mentioned that PayPal payment service might make it easier for members, particularly those overseas, to pay their dues. She offered to set up an account for SMMP with AOL, if appropriate. President VL told her to go ahead.

DeMouthe said that the Tucson case in 2008 would be on "one hit wonders" American localities that only produced one significant species or type of specimen. She also said that she would not be attending Tucson and asked that someone take over the organization of the SMMP case, as well as the duties of secretary for that meeting.

Lueth said that the first document for the Best Practices Manual for minerals is finished and available by e-mail. He asked for comments.

Kampf reported that there have been problems with messages going through the list server, and the newsletter went out late.

Lueth discussed the SMMP grant process, which he feels needs more oversight. The current request will be funded, but we should request a written report on how the money is spent and the results of the project.

He also mentioned the M&M6 meeting in golden Colorado, which will be just before the 2008 Denver show. It was mentioned that SMMP might fund a social at one of the poster sessions. No decisions were made.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.


General Meeting

The meeting was called to order by president Virgil Lueth at 2:08 pm. Introductions followed. 

The minutes from the previous meeting in Tucson were read and approved unanimously.

Anna Domitrovic gave the treasurer's report and reminded members about their dues and the web site. There is currently $1,494.36 in the checking account, and $8,600.64 in the money market savings account. Total assets are $10,095.00.  SMMP currently has 109 members. AD also reported on the planned PayPal account for dues payment.

Lueth reported there seemed to be no collections at risk right now. SMMP had sent a letter to the Berlin collection, but had received no response.

DeMouthe reported on the upcoming SMMP display in Tucson, and asked for people to do that case and be temporary secretary.

Lueth said that the Best Practices draft on specimen sampling was ready for review and asked for input from members.

Kampf reports that LACM has hired a new collection manager for the mineral collection, Alisa Morgan

Lueth reports that the first applicant for the SMMP grant is the Colburn Museum; and he reminded members to apply for this grant.

Bruce Geller talked about the upcoming M&M6 meeting at the Colorado School of Mines, which will be held 7 - 9 September 2008 (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday), right before the Denver Show.

Jim Hurlbut talked about planned field trips at that meeting, which will be a mixture of one-day trips and overnights. The second circular should be on the web by the end of Sept (it's there now).

Domitrovic reports that the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is establishing a photo archive, which will eventually be up on their web site. They have gotten a $100,000 IMLS grant for this project.

Post reported that he and George Harlow are working on a written response to the sale of the Philadelphia Academy's mineral collection. The Mineralogical Society of America is going to set up a policy for making such statements, which will be discussed again at their next council meeting (Oct. 2007). Post said that their statement responding to the Mineralogical Record article about the sale will be forthcoming; they will not wait for MSA.

Newman said that many museum people do not appreciate the vulnerability of collections, and they do not expect this sort of thing (i.e. sale of specimens) to happen.

Further discussion followed, during which it was revealed that the ANSP has a new director who wants to start another mineral collection (?!).

Kampf encourage members to check their own collection policies relative to deaccessions and who has the authority to approve sales and other transactions involving specimens.

Huizing asked for suggestions regarding the SMMP program for the 2008 Tucson show. No one responded.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
J. DeMouthe, SMMP secretary

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