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10 February 2005
Tucson, Arizona


Board members present:  Virgil Lueth, Anna Domitrovic, Tony Kampf, George Harlow, Paul Bartos, Mike Wise, Terry Huizing, Dmitri Belakovski, Jean DeMouthe

2:08 pm called to order by president V. Lueth.

Lueth asked for approval of the minutes from the 2004 Denver meeting minutes, approved unanimously with no corrections.

Domitrovic presented the 12-month budget report.  This was followed by a discussion of losses in the money market account.  It was suggested that the treasurer look into changing the account to a different type of savings.    AD said she would discuss membership and dues at the general annual meeting.

Lueth distributed a two-page finalized document on the SMMP grant program and will announce in at the GAM.

There was a discussion of deadlines for submission of grant proposals.  August 1 was approved, with an award date of October 1.

The collections policy document is done and has been put on CD; Kampf will put it on the web site.  Thanks to Patty Fritsch for dealing with this.

Lueth will write to the Philadelphia Academy of Sciences regarding their proposed sale of their mineral collection.

The Denver show theme is quartz, so the SMMP case will be devoted to chalcedony and all forms of microcrystalline quartz.  We will request a six-foot case for the display.

Huizing reported on the activities of SMMP Europe.

Meeting adjourned at 2:40 pm.



Meeting called to order at 3:02 pm by president Lueth.

Lueth welcomed members and guests, made introductions of the Board.  Introductions were made around the room.  He called for a vote on the Denver minutes, which was moved, seconded, and unanimously approved without corrections.

Domitrovic gave the treasurers report (attached)

Lueth discussed the SMMP grant guidelines and deadlines.  It will be discussed again at the Denver meeting.  Proposals were encouraged from the general members.

Patty Fritsch discussed the collections policies document and asked for more submissions; each document on the web will have a short description of the museum and collections at that institution.

Orphan collections:  The Philadelphia Academy will get a letter.  There were no additions from the group, neither orphaned collections or curators.

Penny Alstrand discussed the Australian Museums plans to eliminate mineral exhibits

Richard Herd said the grant proposal statement re SMMP goals could be reworded, and suggested the Canadian cultural heritage guidelines

DeMouthe reported on the Tucson group case (topic:  minerals named for famous mineralogists) and encouraged more participation in the future.  The Denver case will be definitions of cryptocrystalline quartz varieties.

Huizing reported on SMMP Europe meeting at the Munich show.

Kampf said that SMMP was becoming more international, and everyone should encourage their non-US colleagues to join. 

Kampf reported on the list server status, which currently has member only use.  He asked for comments on its use and any problems.  No one responded.

Mary Johnson discussed the Gemological Institute of Americas upcoming conference in symposium August 26-27 2005 in San Diego, and distributed a brochure.

Paul Bartos reported that the Colorado School of Mines conference related to the Denver show will be on cryptocrystalline quartz, with a $40 registration fee.

Peggy Ronning disclosed that the California Mining and Mineral Museums interpretive plan for their new facility is available for anyone to review.

Lueth stated that the collection policies will soon be available on CD and the web.  Friends of Mineralogy asked for help in the booth at the Convention Center.

General election results:  new board members:  Penny Williamson, Terry Huizing, Peggy Ronning

Board election results:  the same officers will continue (Lueth president, Huizing Vice President, Domitrovic treasurer, DeMouthe secretary)

The general annual meeting was followed by a program of slides by Jeffrey Scovil entitled A mineral excursion to China 2004

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