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12 February - Tucson, Arizona

Board Meeting

Board members present:  Anna Domitrovic, Virgil Lueth, Jean DeMouthe, Tony Kampf, Terry Huizing, Paul Bartos, George Harlow

Board members absent:  Dmitri Belakovski, Michael Wise

The meeting was called to order a 2:10 pm by president Virgil Lueth.

George Harlow mentioned the MM5 meeting in Paris and asked to speak about it at the general meeting.  He suggested that perhaps the American Museum, Harvard, and the USNM could combine to host the MM6 meeting in two years.

Paul Bartos asked about the SMMP letter to the Denver museum, and said that Jack Murphys status is still uncertain.

V.L. went over the agenda for the general meeting.

Terry Huizing related the problems at the Carnegie, and Marc Wilsons illness.  Jean DeMouthe asked is SMMP shouldnt send him a note.

V.L. brought up the question of dues increases or reductions, which had been discussed in Denver.  Anna Domitrovic described SMMPs current expenses, which are very small.

V.L. asked Tony Kampf to report on the web site and the link to AGI

G.H. said we should maintain dues at the current level, and find better uses for our money.  He also suggested we establish a link with the Soc. for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC).

A.D. suggested SMMP might offer grants.  G.H. suggested internships, which would have to be attached to an SMMP member and institution.

J.D. asked about foreign dues subsidies, and GH suggested we take them on an individual case basis.

It was moved that:  SMMP establish a grant program to support projects or internships related to mineral collection care and management that would result in a report, with the specifics of the program to be determined by the Board at the Denver meeting 2004.   The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

It was moved that:  SMMP accumulate up-to-date collection policies to be produced on the web or in hard copy, and the treasurer be authorized to supply funds in support of this project, in an amount to be approved by the Board.   The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

The Board meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.


General Meeting

The meeting was called to order by president Virgil Lueth at 3:05 pm.  Introductions followed.   Thirty-seven (37) members and guests were present.

The minutes of the previous meeting having been published in the newsletter, it was moved by Bill Cook, and seconded by Anna Domitrovic to accept them.  A large majority approved the motion.

Anna Domitrovic gave the treasurers report, which is attached.   She also called for members to pay dues and check the membership list on the web.  Tony Kampf had his laptop with the membership list available at the meeting.

Jean DeMouthe reported on the two SMMP displays in the show (Gold Fakes and Gold from Unusual Places) and urged members to visit them and tell others about them.

Terry Huizing reported that six new members had joined SMMP at the Munich meeting.

Virgil Lueth reported that he had written a letter, on behalf of SMMP, to the Denver Museum of Natural History.  No response had been received, and Jack Murphys position was still uncertain.  Kirk Johnson of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science stated that mineralogy would continue at that institution.

The motion by the Board regarding the establishment of grants or internships was discussed.  Andrew Sicree suggested a suitable amount would be $1,000.  Kay Robertson urged the group toward supporting public education in mineralogy.  General discussion followed.    Virgil L. described the project, asked for volunteers.  Patricia Fritsch said she would work on it.

The issue of dues from foreign members was raised, and Terry Huizing said they should be subsidized if people are having difficulties.  It was moved that:  SMMP wave dues for anyone who wants to be a member but cannot afford it, based on hardship with the approval of the Board, to be reviewed annually.   The motion was seconded, and the majority vote was in favor, with two votes opposed.  Motion passed.

More discussion followed regarding problems with transfer of funds across international boundaries and who should get it. 

George Harlow reported on the upcoming MM5 meeting in Paris and suggested the East Coast 3-way meeting for 2008 that he had brought up during the board meeting.

Virgil L. congratulated George H. on his receiving the Service Medal from the Mineralogical Society of America.

Terry Huizing reported on Marc Wilsons poor health and the curatorial situation at the Carnegie.  He encouraged members to write to Marc.

The general election was held, with only three people nominated to fill the three vacant positions:  Tony Kampf, Paul Bartos, and Jean DeMouthe.   These three were elected by acclamation.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 pm.

Post meeting Board elections:  All current officers were re-elected.

4:00 pm:  program by Ed Raines on GOLD - fakes, mistakes, & frauds 

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