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Minutes of the Board Meeting on February 9, 1994 at Tucson, Arizona

The meeting was held in conjunction with the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. The breakfast meeting was called to order at 8:15 AM. All members were present except Jean DeMouthe.

  1. There was a long discussion about proposed amendments to the bylaws by Dave Thayer. Many changes were made and will be noted in the next newsletter.
  2. Dave Thayer handed out a sheet on the procedures for the treasurer of SMMP. He also encouraged all officers to prepare a similar document.
  3. Dave Thayer distributed the Treasurer's Report for the period July 1 to December 31, 1993. The ending balance was $6,720.19.
  4. Pat Gray distributed updated 1994 directories.
  5. The secretary was asked to run the election of new board members.
  6. A discussion concerning a change in the name of the organization took place and was suggested it be brought to a vote by general membership. The new name was later voted the Society of Mineral Museum Professionals.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 AM.

Minutes of the General Business Meeting on February 9, 1994 at Tucson, Arizona

The meeting was called to order by George Harlow, President, at 9:45 AM. Forty-three members were present. Dave Thayer, Treasurer passed around envelopes to collect dues.

  1. The minutes from the Denver Show were adopted as printed.
  2. General Information
    1. Tony Kampf announced that the new IMA World Directory of Mineral Collections would be published by the Mineralogical Record.
    2. George Harlow announced that there would be no program at this meeting as the business meeting will take up the allotted time.
    3. Dave Thayer mentioned a field trip to Mt. Lemon on Sun. Feb 13,1994, which was intended to take place of a program.
  4. President's Report
    1. Jeff Post will be liaison to the Mineralogical Society of America.
    2. All members will be given a directory of members. This is not to circulate outside of SMMP.
    3. All members should inform R. Herd if you are on Internet.
    4. The passing away of member Del Oswald was reported.
  6. Treasurer's Report. Dave Thayer reported an ending of December 31,1993 balance of $6,720.19.
  7. Membership Report. Pat Gray handed out updated directories to anyone wanting it.
  8. Old Business and Committee Reports:
    1. Bylaws Amendments. Dave Thayer reported that several by law changes were agreed upon at the Board meeting. The changes will be noted in the next newsletter.
    2. Radiation Safety. Ellen Faller was not present, however, a report is being drawn concerning radiation safety.
    3. Carnegie Award. Marc Wilson reported that the 1993 award winner was Dr. Cornelius Hurlbut.
    4. Liaison to MSA and MMAC. It was suggested that a column be placed in the Lattice about SMMP.
    5. Stolen Specimens. W. Metropolis reported two thefts during the past year. R. Mueller of Arizona had several hundred gemstones stolen from his store in May. Nothing has been recovered. Harvard University had several miscellaneous items stolen by a part time employee, all have been returned.
    6. News from IMA. There is an IMA meeting scheduled in Italy in September. Anyone wishing to attend should contact C. Francis for more information. Ole Petersen is working on a new World Directory of Mineral Collections. Anyone wanting to be included should contact Ole.
    7. New Name. A vote was taken and the new name of our group is SOCIETY OF MINERAL MUSEUM PROFESSIONALS (SMMP).
  10. Elections. An election for three new Board members was held. Newly elected Board members are J. Post, F. Damaschun, and D. Thayer
  11. A discussion took place concerning the special tourmaline exhibit at the show . It was agreed by most that SMMP should consider doing something similar for next years show. A discussion about this will take place in Denver . Presently the Society is predominantly a North American organization, bit it looks forward to a broader membership and seeks cooperation with other organizations around the world. Further information and membership forms are available through the authors.

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